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    A simpler way to dispute retaliatory reviews

    Request removal of a retaliatory review, no matter how long ago it was posted.
    By Airbnb on Nov 16, 2022
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    Updated Nov 16, 2022

    Hosts have told us they want to know a guest’s track record on Airbnb before accepting a booking request, and they feel concerned about the possibility of retaliatory reviews. We’re upgrading the review system to enable you to learn about other Hosts’ reviews of guests and dispute any retaliatory reviews.

    More detail in reviews

    We are adding the ability for Hosts to leave more details in their reviews of guests, which you’ll be able to read. For example, along with finding a guest’s overall rating, you’ll know how other Hosts rated them on cleanliness, communication, and following house rules. Your feedback will also help enforce ground rules for guests and allow you to report any guest who doesn’t follow them.

    The same process applies to the reviews guests leave for you. Guests will still choose one to five stars for their overall stay. Now, they can also add a star rating—and specify what went well or could have gone better—in several categories.

    For example, if your place is super clean, a guest might choose five stars and “squeaky-clean bathroom.” The star ratings and feedback in specific categories will not impact Superhost status, which is still determined only by your overall star rating.

    Stronger protection against retaliatory reviews

    You should feel comfortable hosting guests without worrying about the possibility of receiving a retaliatory review.

    You can request removal of any retaliatory review, no matter how long ago it was posted. You’ll be able to flag reviews from guests who: 

    • Commit a serious policy violation, like damaging your property or overstaying their reservation
    • Violate your house rules—for example, by having an unauthorized party or event at your place

    Let’s say a guest smokes in your home, against your house rules. You inform your guest that you found cigarette butts in the living room, and submit a reimbursement request for deep cleaning. In response, your guest refuses to pay and leaves an angry review. You will now be able to dispute this review. 

    In early 2023, we’ll introduce a chatbot to make it easier for you to dispute a review without having to contact Community Support.

    We’re updating the way reviews work as a direct result of your requests. Please keep sharing your thoughts with us, so we can continue creating the updates you need. 

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    Nov 16, 2022
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