Modern apartments and Templar buildings, cheese shops and car repair shops—it all fits in Montefiore.

Modern apartment buildings rise next to old car repair shops and historic Templar buildings in Montefiore. In this neighborhood known for its contrasts, the least likely of neighbors appreciate their shared love of uncrowded, leafy streets. From choreographers to chief executives, locals leisurely sip coffee at sidewalk cafes in the morning and applaud avant-garde theater performances at night.

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On the Map

Montefiore is bordered by Bitzaron, Yad Eliyahu, HaRakevet, Nahalat Yitzhak, HaKirya, Lev HaIr, and Merkaz HaIr

Ben Gurion International Airport 15 minutes by car
Tel Aviv Port 15 minutes by car
Yarkon Park 10 minutes by car
Rothschild Boulevard 20 minute walk

  • Public transit is Difficult
  • Having a car is Easy

Where the Old Rubs Shoulders with the New

Neigborhoods Tel Aviv Vaaknin HR1

Modern buildings have sprung up next to historic Templar homes in Montefiore.

Neigborhoods Tel Aviv Vaaknin HR1
Neigborhoods Tel Aviv Vaaknin HR1
Revised Neigborhoods Tel Aviv Vaaknin HR1 Edit

Locals stroll slowly through the shadows of the Azrieli Towers and towering trees.

Neigborhoods Tel Aviv Vaaknin HR1

Graceful age before modern beauty.

Sarona Market: Open Air, Curated Fare

Neigborhoods Tel Aviv Vaaknin HR1

The Sarona Market opened in early 2015. Browse the stalls for fresh fish, halva, bread, and cheese.

Neigborhoods Tel Aviv Vaaknin
Neigborhoods Tel Aviv Vaaknin

This morning's catch and tonight's tipple.

Neigborhoods Tel Aviv Vaaknin HR1

Everything you need for the perfect urban picnic.


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