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Find Vacation Rentals near Taroko National Park on Airbnb

Find Vacation Rentals near Taroko National Park on Airbnb

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Vacation Rentals in Xiulin Township

Homes near Taroko National Park

Homes near Taroko National Park

Places to stay near Taroko National Park

Places to stay near Taroko National Park
3房2廳雙衛浴,含廚房、大客廳,總共46坪。在屋內即可觀看太平洋與中央山脈。在床上即可觀賞日出與夕陽。 屋內有整組廚房烹飪設備、大冰箱、洗衣機、曬衣間。
Attention Please: 1.因為還有其他行銷管道,請於訂房前,先洽詢房東,確認有空房,再訂房,切勿貿然下訂。 2.農曆春節期間,價錢會微幅調整,請洽房東,確認價錢後再訂房。 謝謝您! 針對盈盈評價的正面積極回應: 1.有朋自遠方來,房東應盡量親自接待。 2.遇有抱怨,房東應親自處理,不假他人之手。 3.房東不適合主動要求退款,如果退款,也應該透過Airbnb,因為房客住宿後5天,房東才能去請款,由Airbnb退款,沒有住宿,就不應該有評價。 4.房東不應該找同樣有經營民宿的包車業者,以免幫忙處理抱怨時,興風作浪、火上加油、趁火打劫。 我想提供給您的 是一個舒適、溫馨全然不受打擾的空間 企圖讓您待在 一個只是門牌號碼換了的家。 在這裡 除了替您準備牙刷牙膏外 還有其餘想得到的想不到的 一要應俱全。 我用招待好友的心情 準備一切您需要的感覺及物品 想來此湊合過夜睡個覺的 希望放輕鬆享受舒壓按摩的 都有專人可以滿足您的需求。 可在屋內同時享受花蓮的好山好水,爲完全獨立空間,屋主與客人並不同宿,顧客享有完全的隱私。屋內備有廚房,可以自行烹飪,也有全自動免投幣的洗衣間與曬衣間。坐再客廳內也可以觀看中央山脈,在臥室可以觀賞日出與夕陽。
位置離市區僅約5分鐘車程,也可步行至海邊,臨近餐廳林立,也可徒步至美侖菜市場、Shopping Mall.
  • The facilities in the room are very complete, the landlord is very intimate and has prepared some small cakes for us, and is eager to help us solve the problem. The location is not far from the night market Wenchuang Park. Overall, it is very good~

  • Teacher Chen is very intimate and enthusiastic to communicate, the room is also very good CP value is super!!

  • Highly recommended, very close to the port, you can see the sea, very close to the city and the night market, very convenient

  • Teacher Chen is very kind, reply is also very real, sea view room is great, near the good parking, it is suitable for a good friend or a family travel

  • Location is not in the city center, but the house is still very comfortable, the room is very large, there are two bathrooms, the family is very convenient to stay, not because of the bathroom line, the landlord is also very warm, the overall stay is still very good

  • Very nice house with ocean view . You are able to enjoy the sun rise at one of the room at around 5 o clock. The whole house is very clean and comfortable with washing machine, refrigerator and kitchenware. Normally it takes abt 15 min walk to the nearest 7-11 shop. But I do NOT suggest you go out alone at night since there are TOO many dogs around. My heart were still pounding when I got back from 711 shop at 23:30. The land lord is very friendly and helpful, picking us up at late night when we arrived. In all, good place to stay and enjoy yourself near the ocean!

  • Seascape is really great! The landlord is also very good, some of the temporary demand is very quick response and deal with, really great!

  • The landlord is very enthusiastic, let us know before check a variety of information about the house

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    花蓮市, 中興路6號, Taiwan

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