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    Does the Extenuating Circumstances Policy apply to my reservation during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Tip: You must meet certain conditions to cancel under our Extenuating Circumstances Policy, but you can always cancel according to your host’s cancellation policy. While searching for places to stay, use the Cancellation flexibility filter to help choose a stay that works best for you.

    Our official article explains in detail how the Extenuating Circumstances Policy applies to cancellations due to COVID-19.

    Here’s a summary to help you determine if your reservation is eligible.

    Your reservation is eligible if all of the following are true

    • You booked on or before March 14, 2020
      • and the check-in date is within the next 45 days from today
      • and you haven’t already canceled it
      • and you haven’t already checked in
      • and the pandemic is preventing you from completing your reservation

    If all those things are true, you can cancel it yourself and you’ll be given options for cancellation and refunds during the process. To cancel under the policy, you’ll need to document or attest that you're unable to complete your reservation because of COVID-19.

    Note: If you're sick with COVID-19, you can cancel under the policy regardless of your reservation details by contacting our community support team. You'll be asked to verify this with documentation.

    Your reservation is not eligible if you're canceling because of COVID-19 and any of the following are true

    • It was booked after March 14, 2020 or
    • The check-in date is more than 45 days from today or
    • It was already canceled or
    • You already checked in

    If you’re not eligible and you cancel, your refund is determined by your host’s cancellation policy, and we’ll show your refund amount before you confirm the cancellation. In this case, host payouts and guest refunds are released according to the host cancellation policy you agreed to when you booked.

    Note: When a reservation is canceled, Airbnb releases any payout due to the host and any refund due to the guest according to the host’s cancellation policy. For that reason, reservations that were canceled before coverage was announced or extended will not be reconsidered.

    Additional options if your reservation isn’t eligible

    If your plans are flexible, you might consider working with your host to change the reservation to a later date.

    You can also reach out to your host to request an additional refund, and if they agree, they can use the Resolution Center to safely transfer money to you.

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